Sunday, June 29, 2008

Samedi - Jour 27 - Bon Anniversaire Anne Martine!

Today we all had to wake up bright and early, okay, well at like 10:30 in the morning so we could leave at 11:30 for the big family gathering to celebrate a couple of Birthdays. My host family is big to put it mildly. There were at least 50 people there, and I'm pretty sure they were in one way or another related. It was a little overwhelming with so many people and so many conversations going on at once. It made it hard for me to pick up on conversations. And I didn't even drink!

This family event was a blast to watch because they all engage in super fun looking games which I hardly understood. The only one I got was a parody of a popular tv gameshow that is on everyday. It was still really neat to watch, and thankfully not participate in.

Lunch was, I swear, a 5 course meal. Can you imagine making a 5 course meal for 50 people? Neither can I. We had a shrimp cocktail/beet cup-thingy first. The beets at the bottom weren't that good, but the rice and carrots and cucumbers were. So were the shrimp. I think next we had some bread and wine. Then carrots, meat (I have no idea what it was) and beans. I really wanted to go for seconds for that but missed out. The beans were really good. Then the salad, then the cheese course, where I think I ate my weight in cheese. Good stuff! Let's see, then there was the dessert course with some kind of strawberry stuff with whipped cream in a little shot glass. During that course you heard nothing but the scraping of spoons in little glasses with everybody trying to get out the last little bit of strawberries. It was amusing. After that there was more wine - I just drank coca and water because it was Rose wine and I don't like it. Then there was another pastry course with a huge assortment of little eclairs or other delicious tid-bits. Then I wanted a nap.

They played more silly games, and I played darts with some cousins, host daddy and Mami (grandma). I came in third place. Not bad this time, I actually hit a few bulls-eyes.

After that we made home-made little personal pizzas for dinner, even though I was still full from "lunch". It was pretty fun and I loaded mine up with chèvre (goat cheese) and was super stoked to eat it, until I came back and found out somebody totally took it! Lame! I had to make another one which was good, too, but I think I got made fun of for not watching my pizza good enough the first time.
Yes, there is an egg on that pizza. Gross, huh?

We stayed until about 1:30 in the morning, which made it very hard for me to be super social because I was tired.

It was a fun day.

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