Friday, June 6, 2008

Day 4 - Mustard

I brought my own mustard to France. On suspicions that were later confirmed at the supermarché, the French do not have plain mustard. I wish I would have brought the Costco size. While eating lunch I put some mustard on my food and Dominique asked to try it. Nathalie just watched looking rather amused. He put a pin point drop on his plate, eyed it, then put the slightest amount on his tongue. He hated it. They make fun of me even more now and ask if I want to put it on everything, including the cheese course. Ugh.

Today was the official tour of Vannes, on foot. We walked around the whole interior of the city that was built in the middle ages. Pictures are on Facebook.

Dominique also asked if I like Greenday (GweeenDay). I told him not really, but I had the album on my ipod (eepod). He loved all my music, especially the rap. France is tight.

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