Friday, June 6, 2008

Day 3 - Getting used to French Life...

The French are very busy, among other things. This morning Dominique (my host père) gave me un petit tour of the city of Vannes, the place I see out my window. It was nice. The town is cute, and everything is set around the town center that was built in the middle ages. The French are also very serious about their petite-déjeuner (lunch). Everyday, Nathalie (my host mère) comes home from work and we eat lunch. I'm just getting used to eating a breakfast, which they insist on. And again, lunch is a three course affair. It's nuts.

They have the cutest cat, Noisette. It couldn't give a damn about me, but at meals it sits on the bench with me and rests it's head on the table top. It doesn't beg for food or anything. It just sits there. Chillin'.Meow, meow. Le minou, Noisette.

For dîner, we had couscous. Now, in French class in high school this was a rice looking dish that we had to bring a can of soup to accompany it with. Not in real France. Here it's a soupy mixture of some spicy sausage, sheep and chicken. That goes on top of the rice looking stuff. I didn't try the spicy sausage, my famille warned me not to, but the sheep was good. Baahhh.

I think I mentioned how sarcastic my famille is, like me, but boy do I get made fun of a lot. A friend of Dominique's came over and did nothing but make fun of me the whole time (and americans en general). I just smile and act like I don't understand. He stayed though until past 10 o'clock (22 o'clock, here) and I was really tired and just wanted to go to bed. But now, café after café.. The French are very social.

We also went to the supermarché. I forgot about that. It's not like our grocery stores at all. It reminds me more so of a little costco. There is more than food, but nothing is in bulk of course. The French go shopping everyday and make enough food at meals for the one time, maybe a few leftovers for lunch the next day. It was a trip. Oh, and the checkers get to sit in chairs. I'm going to pass this on when I get home and back to work.

Something I'm not that fond of is how interested the French are in American Politics. I hate politics as it is, but they all ask me about Obama (then they chant Obama! Obama! Obama!) and Hillary and who i'm voting for, blah blah. Definitely not my favorite topic to talk about, but it's all over the TV. Oddly enough, I read in the newspaper this morning (yes, I can read the french newspaper) and a poll asking if they would elect a black president only turned up with a positive 26%. Hm...

French TV is a kick. There isn't much on other than dubbed American shows (Dr. House = House, Grey's Anatony, Bones, NCIS, etc.) but they have Nouvelle Star! It's the french version of American Idol (duh) and it's hilarious. So is watching my French Family watch it. I don't understand much since they talk to fast on TV, but they all sing American songs.

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