Monday, June 9, 2008

Day 6 - Christophe Mae

I promised Lise that by time September 3 rolled around I would know every Christophe Mae song there is. That was probably a bad bet. I'm already regretting it.

Today the girls showed me l'autobus and the route that is best from Saint Ave to Vannes. I'm such a big girl. We went shopping in Vannes and I used my first French ATM. I'm scared to see how much my bank charged me for that ATM fee.

Tonight was a B-B-Q to celebrate some friends birthday and as a pre-funk some girls came over to Mathilde and Lise's house for champagne. It was also time for them to ask every question they could think of for English words from what sounds our animals made (they got the biggest kick out of the sound a frog makes) and the words Dildo and Hooker (thanks SATC).

I was nervous for the BBQ since it would be a group of people my age who don't speak English and expect me to understand them talking a million miles an hour in French. A dictionary was definitely placed on the table the whole night. I was assured though, that my american accend was "cute" and they kept making me repeat after them. It could have been worse I suppose. Caro gave me a vocab lesson in French (she was level 1 "tipsy" <- another favorite English word, after Dildo) and pointed to everything in sight and made me say the word in french. I passed. I did slip up and call her hair the plural for horse (gimme a break, it's like a one letter difference). She was also very interested in what the Americans thought of the French, like stereotypes. Um.. rude? drunks? smelly and unshaven? She concurred. At least of Parisians. I was falling asleep at around 1 am and was walked home. I was told later the bbq lasted until like 4 am. These kids are nuts. they also sing really strange songs about pastors daughters masturbating.. I didn't quite understand.

Silly French.

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