Friday, June 27, 2008

The rain in spain falls mainly on the plain.

I accompanied Mathilde and Simone to the city of Nantes to visit [our] aunt, uncle and cousins. They own a cute little crêperie that faces a cute little park. They made us lunch, and being a crêperie, duh we ate crepes! Well, actually I had an omelet because I'm not a fan of the type of crêpes they specialize in. I tried one earlier with dinner and they tasted like a soggy sponge - or what I believe a soggy sponge would taste like if I put it in my mouth. I've been really, and I mean really* open with eating the food here, but I wasn't about to eat that again. No thanks. The Omelet sounded safe, and was delicious. I did have a regular crêpe with dessert. That was delicious.

My host cousins, Maxime and Victor, are adorable. They didn't even realize I wasn't French until about halfway through lunch because nobody could get a word in edgewise. They chatter like the dickens. I constantly had to remind them to speak slowly since I don't understand it when they talk a million miles an hour. I think they are like 9 or something, I'm not sure. I also can't really tell them apart, so I'm not sure if I sat by Maxime or Victor (I think it was Maxime). Anyways, he drew a picture while we waited for our food. He drew some grass, then a tree, then an oil refinery. Go figure. He also drew what the refinery looks like underground complete with some poor souls bones who somehow got stuck in there. He was extremely detailed in the drawing of the skull, pelvis, etc. His picture made me think, though, that these kids are so young, but still aware of current events - like oil and the skyrocketing prices with that. They also begged me to speak in English, which is always weird in any language to have people want you to "say something" I rattled off with the rain in spain falls mainly on the plains.. but couldn't remember the rest. That was enough though. They ate it up.

After fighting with his brother over the picture I gave him my blackberry to play brickbreaker in an effort to get them to calm down. He loved it and was actually pretty good. Video games are totally an interactive language of their own. We walked to the park across the street and played on the playground for a while. I really want to stay in France and become an au pair or something. While the boys climbed and swung and jumped and did general boy things I listened to the game they were playing. One of the boys was the president, but not Sarkozy, no he was Chirac. That also made me laugh. Even the media here has a strong effect on children, although I don't know how many chidren back home would pick a president to play instead of a superhero or other fictional character.

We went back to their house and played some more. The five of us "adults" engaged in a game of darts, in which after being in the lead the whole game, came in 4th place. Eff that game. It's not that i'm horrible, although I did miss the board a few times, I just couldn't hit the damned number 3. If you don't get the exact number you have to keep going back to your last score. Stupid American dart board. It was still fun. They were playing some sweet music, it was sunny and warm and fun.

I had a lot of fun.

I also fell asleep in the car on the ride home like a 2 year old. [However, I don't feel bad because Simone fell asleep on the way to Nantes.] We also visited another Aunt, on their dad's side on the way home, which was fun. They were remodeling their house. I couldn't understand a word their grandpa was saying, his french dialect was way to hard to understand so I resorted to nodding, smiling and looking like a complete idiot.

When we got home, Simone invited me to another fête. So we grabbed the essentials - booze and went back to somebody's house by the beach. This party was fun since there were actually some females there, although it is extremely intimidating for me to show up to a party with mostly girls - you know how girls are. I did my best in trying to understand them and they did their best in trying out some English. I think it went well. One girl seemed like she was giving me the stink eye all night, and she smoked like a chimney. It turns out later she was pretty nice (or pretending to be), didn't speak English, liked my earrings, and later on wanted to do tequila shots with me.

It was a fun day.

*really open indicated I haven't douced anything in Mustard yet, and liked it!

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