Monday, June 9, 2008

Day 5 - What do I miss the most, so far?

I'm getting in the hang of eating breakfast everyday. It's strange to come from the habit of skipping this important meal for being too busy or sleeping in too late to the point where breakfast inevitably becomes lunch. The French are very serious about their breakfasts to the point where I skipped it yesterday and Nathalie asked if I was sick. It's not such a bad meal, though. Today I had my special K and a crêpe. Très bien!

The other thing that will take getting used to is the shower. When my parents asked me what I missed most about home, this was close to topping the list. It came in close second under English. It is small and basically just a bathtub. I haven't quite figured out yet how to gracefully bathe myself without getting water all over the bathroom floor.

I came in handy today when my host père, Dominique accidentally booked a flight on Travelocity for his son to the wrong airport. How was he supposed to know that there are two portlands? His english isn't the best so I helped him sort out the problem. I'm ever so helpful. I could have probably warned him to begin with. C'est la vie.

With the time difference, the only time I get to talk to my friends is when they are drunk on their computers at 3 am. Or, at work early in the morning. Boo.

Pandora doesn't like the French. This makes me very sad. No more "Songs to eat tacos by" radio. ::le sob::

My host parents are going to Oslo for the week to visit an old exchange student they had. House to myself! I now know how to work all of the appliances in the house from the mechanical window shades to the espresso maker and everything in between.

Mathilde's friend/roommate drives a ford fiesta. I'm not sure whether to laugh or decline rides and choose to walk everywhere for fear of blowing up. They call it the "Ferrari"

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