Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 33 - I finally feel at home, Happy 4th

Today was obviously 4th of July, although here it's not such a big deal, at all. A couple of my new friends wished me happy independence day, but I'm pretty sure they were making fun of me. It's kind of nice to not celebrate this year, though. I was never much one for big fireworks and blowing up things, although the big show in the city is fun to watch. I'm also not a big fan of holiday marketing, and people pasting American Flags everywhere. It got increasingly worse after 9/11 and it made it worse. I suppose I would have thought differently if I had thought of sticking the flag on everything from mugs, to bumper stickers and t-shirts to make money on a society that has no idea what patriotism really is, and therefore thinks that by buying these things makes them such. Wow, don't I sound French.

I finally feel settled in and not so much a guest anymore, but a part of this temporary family. I still get to communicate with my friends and family back home, albeit briefly with the time difference, and our English lessons are going well, I think.

Hopefully everybody had a safe holiday back home!

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  1. No, you don't sound French. Or maybe you do, since I've never been to France, but that doesn't make what you said any less true.